Review: Come Wind – “Move in Place”

Come Wind, from Canton, Ohio, formed in 2009 with one goal in mind: to make music for the love of it and to share that with others.

Come Wind’s founding members Aaron Troyer, Ben Roth, and Tal Miller have previously released two EPs (Wanderer, O’ Wanderer & Grow My Roots), and various other singles independently. For the new album, Move in Place, the guys added Jon Robinson and Trevor Burke.

The band took to Kickstarter to make this album a reality  and even exceeded their goal. Move In Place is set to release on Nov. 20 (get it here, or iTunes.)

Come Wind band promo 1

At times Move in Place is folky, at others upbeat and rocky, or just stripped down acoustic as in “Come and Go.” The songs are dynamic and always  musically intriguing. Many of Move in Place‘s tracks are a lyrical narrative and rich in metaphor.  A couple examples are “Winter,” opening with “I am a child of the summertime,” and one of my favourite tracks, “Mutiny,” beginning “I was a sailor…”

The title track appears in two parts, providing perfect bookends to tie up the musical exploration and lyrical journey of the middle section. This includes the innovative sounds of the radio-ready “Birds Will Never Fly,” a song “with two drum sets and a baritone guitar.” The use of piano on  “Bouquet” also sets it apart as another  personal favourite.

On the subject of “Bouquet,” vocalist/guitarist Aaron Troyer says,        “Years ago, I never would have thought this band would have been one for love songs, but life provides different inspirations, and you roll with them and write from the heart. ‘Bouquet’ is a song that is different for us, but we embrace it because of what it means personally to each of us.”

The guys slow things down with “Car Crash,” a beautiful – and somewhat melancholy –  song. It  calmly builds as  dreamlike vocals surround the listener. Other tracks like “Clarity”  are built on guitars that have me hooked within seconds, and make me want to dig out my Juliana Theory records.



Come Wind’s Move In Place is a hot drink on a rainy day; an immersive indie rock record that bares its soul.


Come Wind Album Cover

Pre-order Move in Place now via the band’s website or iTunes.

Connect with Come Wind:
Facebook | Twitter | Website


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