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Interview: Ecclesiast

Ecclesiast is a Christian metal band based out of Saint Charles County, Missouri. The band recently dropped their self-titled debut EP (out on Sancrosanct Records), has been blowing up their local scene, and is playing some major summer festival stages at Audiofeed and Dirt Fest.

I had a conversation about the guys about how their new EP, the movie star versions of the band members, and much more.


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This band hasn’t been together for very long. How did you all start playing together?

After several line-up changes and getting basically, just the right mold of guys, we ended up a core group of people who not only see one another as bandmates, but as family, as brothers. The three of us (Joseph, Nick, and Tyler) actually didn’t know one another before the band, so it was by the grace of God that we all found each other and work together so well.

How would you describe Ecclesiast’s sound?

In a few words, you could describe our sound as honest music, with a backbone of aggression. What we strive to do is allow the listeners to really feel and connect with what we were going through in our lives during a certain period of time, by delivering a very raw and organic feel.

You’re currently signed with Sancrosanct Records. How did you connect with them, and what’s your experience with the label so far?

The vocalist of Ecclesiast, Joseph Smith, has known CEO and founder of Sancrosanct  Records, Tony Padilla, for quite some time. After [Sancrosanct Records] being disbanded for a few years, Joe would introduce to Tony what this band had been working on and everyone loved it. It all just sort of fell into place, and Tony has been more than helpful and resourceful for everything we’ve needed help with. It has truly been a blessing.

What’s the reaction been so far to the new EP?

The amount of support we’ve been getting for this EP is literally unimaginable. We could have never guessed that so many people would respond so well to it. Most describe the EP as being very organic and raw sounding, all the while having that really brutal and distinct feel, that, in a time where metalcore generally dominates the scene, this unique blend can feel refreshing and new.

What has been the biggest challenge in this whole process – from writing, recording, release, to playing live?

The biggest challenge with this entire process was getting to find the right people to fit the mold of what we’re going. It’s no secret that we’ve had a few members come and go, but in the end we really found ourselves, and each other. We feel that this current line-up, of Nick Magasano, Joseph Smith, and Tyler Cobillas really clicks. We work together incredibly well, and will continue to do so, hopefully, for years to come.

Tell me about a favorite part of the record (riff, lyric, vocal part, etc)?

One of my [Tyler] favorite parts of the record is the chorus to track three off of our EP, titled, “From the Heart.” The lyrics really spoke to me, and the music behind it is so powerful. You have these huge chords, with a very steady drum beat, and over all that, you have the lead guitar that really puts the icing on the cake, to make the whole thing blend in such a way, that it really gets me, every time.

Ecclesiast is playing some local dates and doing some festivals this summer. What are you looking forward to most in those upcoming shows?

While the act of playing the actual show is incredible, and we all love playing music so much, one of the things we’re looking forward to, at all the upcoming shows is talking to the people who come to see us. Really connecting with others on a face to face basis, and get to know them, not only as lovers of music, but as people, as friends.

Are you a band that’s always writing, or are you going to take some time to get on the road with what you’ve already recorded?

While we are looking to do a small bit of traveling outside of our hometown this year, we’re definitely writing and coming up with new ideas constantly. Whether it be together, or separately, there’s always creativity happening that’s waiting to be birthed as music.

When you’re all in the van which topic of conversation is the most likely to start an argument between band mates?

Honestly, we generally don’t argue on a serious level, but as far as playful debating, it could be something as random as Subway v Jimmy John’s. Haha.

What is one guilty pleasure song that would be amazing (or hilarious) for Ecclesiast to cover?

One song that we feel would bring attention to the crowd, all the while being something everyone remembers would be the theme song from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, done in a heavier way than the original… Who knows, it could happen.

Let’s say they’re making a Hollywood movie about Ecclesiast. Which actor will play which band member?

Tyler- Al Pacino. The Godfather trilogy was my favorite of all time and that acting is impeccable!

Nick- Chris Pratt.

Joseph- Ryan Reynolds.

Any future plans, music videos, etc. you can tell us about?

We actually have quite a bit in the works, as far as new music and ideas go. Be sure to be on the lookout, things are happening, and happening fast!

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about Ecclesiast?

First and foremost, we are a Christian band. What we want everyone to know about us, is that we are here for you, no matter what may be going on in your life, or any struggles or hardships that may be occurring- come talk to us. We’d love to get to know you.


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