Poetic Descent (former members of Mayfly) release single “Close Encounter”

Former members of Mayfly (Voluminous Records alumni) come out of the gate with a new song called “Close Encounter” in the form of a new band called Poetic Descent.

“Close Encounter” is the first out of a series of songs that will be released to radio and the masses in these coming months.

There are no show dates at the moment, however we will definitely be on the look out.

Thankfully for them, the hype and buzz has already started and they’re already feeling the love from fans of their previous band Mayfly.

Does a late Summer, and maybe even fall show calendar seem like it could be penciled in?

We will see. After all, according to the new ambient and gritty jam; “The Truth is Out There.

poetic descent 3

Learn more about Poetic Descent and check out the debut single here: www.poeticdescent.com



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