Starve releases video for “Iron Hotel” from their debut EP

Texas hardcore outfit Starve recently released a brand new music video for their song “Iron Hotel” off their debut EP Desperate Measures (On The Attack Records).

The band posted the video with this simple message on their Facebook page: “Forget the gimmicks. We’re just gonna drop our first music video. Check it out. Share it around. Tell us what you think. Shout out to everyone who has supported us so far.

The video for “Iron Hotel” is a compilation of live shots from Abilene and surrounding areas. The decision to do a video for this song first is largely because it always gets a good reaction at shows.

This track’s lyrics tackle some difficult subject matter. The band explains, “Iron Hotel is about a victim of child molestation who is struggling to forgive their victimizer, who is now in prison. We wrote the song because it’s an issue that often gets swept under the rug and tabooed in our society but we feel that it needs to be talked about. Iron Hotel is meant to raise awareness but it is ultimately a song about redemption.”


You can get their album Desperate Measures for FREE at their Bandcamp
Keep up with the band: FacebookOn The Attack Records


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