The New Divide – “Destroyer & King”

The New Divide, of Vancouver, Washington,is set to release their new album Destroyer & King on Feb. 17th.

Destroyer & King is currently available for early download only on A Jesus Mission is an organization formed by the band to help equip & send musicians into the world on missions. The pre-sales of this new CD are helping to fund their soon coming missions trips/tours.

The New Divide formed in 2006, and has toured full time with the intent of helping local churches share the Gospel in their community. On Feb. 13th, 2014, The New Divide released a worship record called Created For His Praise. The brand new Destroyer & King is 6-song album of worship-filled rock n roll, that bursts with energy, hints at pop-punk and indie rock, and is a creative and enjoyable listen.


“Destroy” is a solid radio-ready rocker with a very catchy chorus. A great example of the emotion and energy found in this album.

“All We Are” is a worshipful track that dips a bit more into indie rock territory. One of my favorite vocal performances on D&K; an arm-raising anthem: “here comes a King whose making all things whole/ the hearts of all who believe will be made whole.

Of any tracks, “Forever Says” leans most towards pop-punk  and incorporates a fun woh-oh-oh” sing along part.

“Selah” is a somewhat more peaceful song suggesting, as the titles implies, that we must pause and praise: “let His glory break the silence/ your faith is formed in the moment of the quiet.” A catchy song that will quickly have you singing along.

“The Dark Side” uses strings throughout that give it a serious depth. It’s a more somber song that tackles “the dark side of free will … the part where it’s unfair/ connected by the choice we made.” An impressive and lyrically powerful song.

“The Unknown” is straight up rock and roll meets Worship. Just maybe my favorite song on the album, this is probably one of the most emotion-filled songs of the record. Crying out to God, “You knew my name before I was.. you sent your Son before I was,” this track is a guitar-driven worship experience.

Front to back, Destroyer & King is a fun, creative, Spirit-filled rock and roll record.


TND will be doing a full USA tour in 2015, broken into a few runs throughout the year. The west coast section of th tour will be happening in May, with stops in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Arizona, and Texas. The DESTROYER & KING Tour will have 3 bands for this west coast run, including The New Divide, Archers Rise, & acoustic act Sean Lea.

Visit them on Facebook, at, and please check out A Jesus Mission.


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