mewithoutYou release new song “Red Cow”

mewithoutYou have released the first single from their new album Pale Horses. The song is called “Red Cow” and the band’s website says it’s about “myriad of things like perception, Zionist, trains… ya know, kid stuff.” (Give the song a listen below!)

Pale Horses comes out June 16th through Run For Cover Records. You can pre-order now at and

Run For Cover released this statement after signing the band:

We will be releasing the bands 6th LP (produced by Will Yip) this summer, which is the incredible follow up to 2013’s Ten Stories. The band’s forthcoming LP is a carefully focused and personal album that spans the band’s impressive career. From the frightened intensity of Catch Us For the Foxes and [A -> B] Life to the subdued and urgent Ten Stories, the band has truly created an album that complements and expands on their incredible 15 year existence. 

 Pale_Horses_CoverTrack List
1. Pale Horse
2. Watermelon Ascot
3. D-Minor
4. Mexican War Streets
5. Red Cow
6. Dorothy
7. Blue Hen
8. Lilac Queen
9. Magic Lantern Days
10. Birnam Wood
11. Rainbow Signs


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