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Interview: The Flux Machine

The Flux Machine is the progressive alt-rock band of  Luis Accorsi and Raphael Sepulveda. The band has just released their 12 – song debut, Louder! 

In this non-stop album I hear a bit of the Pixies in “Toxic Love,” a country rock vibe in “Jack, Jim & Johnny,” hints of punk, and just powerhouse rock n roll in between.

I recently had a chat with the guys about their inspiration, record release show, and more – but first check out their new video for “Run Away”:

The video completely encapsulates the essence and aggressiveness of this band. In your face and human. It’s the perfect manifestation of this kind of music. No gimmicks, straight-forward, balls to the wall rock.
Luis Accorsi


How would you describe this band’s sound or style?

Raphael: I think the best way to describe it is alternative/blues/garage/punk rock!

Did you both play similar styles of music in past projects? If not, what led you to this eclectic alt-rock sound?

Luis: We are from different generations so you have a weave of styles and approaches that distinguish us from others.

Raphael: I work with a lot of different genres on a daily basis but I’ve been playing rock since I was 13.

How did you guys meet, and how long has The Flux Machine been playing music together?

Luis: A wonderful girlfriend, very mystical and loving brought Raphael to me.

Raphael: That’s how it all started. The Flux Machine worked on their first song in September 2014, so about a year now!

Aside from musical influences, where do you draw ideas and inspiration for your songwriting?

Luis: The sheer raw power of life, the living and the dead inspire me to try and leave a mark of positivity and love in a world of true dejection and sadness.

A song that stands out is the striking “Hate Love”, can you tell me a little about what inspired this song?

Luis: We come back to the very mystical girlfriend. She completely stomped on my heart and we crashed in a spectacular ball of flames that has not subsided and may never.

Raphael: This song was one of our very first songs. The third one we ever wrote if I recall correctly. Sound-wise, it’s an ode to The Ramones.

Why did you choose “Run Away” as the first single from the new album?

Luis: Raphael’s keen instinct brought that one to the forefront.

Raphael: I think “Run Away” is the perfect song to introduce the band. It doesn’t waste any time getting to the point. It embodies the sound of the album as a whole.

How was the record release show last week?

Luis: Incredible, cathartic, any great positive word you can conjure applies. And we played for 30, last minute arrivals. All heavy duty Harley gang members who didn’t smile, even when I told them there was free beer. We won them over. Felt like it could become Altamont but it went fantastic.

Raphael: The show went great! It’s awesome to see people supporting from the very beginning. We don’t even have 60 likes on Facebook yet but certainly saw more than that at the show!

What’s it like getting to bring these Louder! songs to a live audience now?

Luis: A psychological test of the highest caliber. Almost a sociological experiment.  Who plays this stuff? The best thing that could have ever happened.

Raphael: We wrote all these songs in the studio and had never played them live before, so it’s great seeing people react in real-time to the music we spent most of the year working on.

How would you describe The Flux Machine’s live show?

Luis: I’m like Jagger and Iggy Pop put in a blender with Sid Vicious plugging it in!

What’s in store for this band? Any touring coming up following the Louder! release?

Luis: We will tour locally and when the wild fire spreads, we go with it!


TFM Louder

The Flux Machine’s Louder! album is now available on iTunes.
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