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Matty Mullins’ solo album is a refreshing expression of personal faith

Matty Mullins’ self titled solo debut dropped today, and it is a beautiful thing. Matty joined Texas metalcore band Memphis May Fire in 2008, just in time to record vocals for their 2009 album Sleepwalking.

This is his first time recording a solo album, but MMF fans need not worry, he assures us in a recent Alt Press interview that Memphis remains a priority for him. In this interview he explains that, “It’s like therapy, getting to do a record like this. All of these parts that were caged up in me, I’ve let them out.”

And I am ever so glad that he has let these songs out. What was originally intended to be an EP turned into a full length album. Stylistically, this album really takes a turn from what we are used to hearing from Matty. Some of the heavier influences remain, but injected with a seriously poppy vibe.  (The catchy “99% Soul” will get stuck in your head for hours). This 11 track album has enough of an edge that it won’t turn off his die hard metalcore fans, though we are only hearing his clean vocals, and no screams.

Lyrically, this album is  full of Mullins’ Christian faith –  his perspective of who God is and his decision to follow Him. This album has Mullins calling out to God in “Speak to me,” quoting 1 John 4:19 in “More of You” (“I’m loving You because You first loved me”), and in “99% Soul” sharing how he wants to feel the presence of God in everything he does.

Mullins grew up listening to Contemporary Christian rockers like Newsboys and Audio Adrenaline, and now he will have an album on the shelves next to these artists. Matty jokes, “I’d like to be the first singer on the shelves at Christian bookstores that’s covered in tattoos,” as the album cover is an actual photograph of his hands.

I’m sure he’ll be feeling the heat from all sides with this albums release –grandmothers upset about the tattooed hands, someone picking apart his theology, or internet tough guys mocking his faith. But I love this album, Matty’s desire to step out and let these songs out, showing us a whole other artistic side to him, and being an inspiration to be boldly different.

One of my favourite tracks is “Glory,” but you can check out the full album below, or even better, purchase it here.