Review: Peter118 – “Need You More” EP

UK Punk trio Peter 118 just released a brand new EP titled Need You More on ..

Founding member Peter Field started the band as a solo project in 2014 and released the album Make it or Break it. Janine Read and Sam Critchley came on board to round out the band as a three-piece act.

Need You More is feel-good pop punk all the way though. The title track has been gaining attention around the globe through avenues like KROQ in LA, Japanese Radio, MXTV and more. Peter 118 released a video for the song to build momentum for the EP’s release. Watch it below:



The five track EP features four new songs  plus a pop mix of “Need You More.” The title track alone will keep you coming back to this record again and again.

“Everything About Me” has all sorts of punk swagger and a bit more grit than the others, where “Make Up My Mind” is an acoustic driven, slower paced track. “Where I Am” has this great cutting punky guitar and is a strong enough song to stand on its own. The album on the whole is wildly catchy, and I found myself singing along, or signing the echo parts in “Make Up My Mind” even on the first listen. Field and co. are having a lot of fun in these songs and that enthusiasm is evident.

Need You More is danceable punk rock brimming with positivity and good vibes. Peter118 has put forward a strong EP of straight-forward punk rock that will appeal to the pop community.

Need you more EP cover

Click here to buy on iTunes.

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