Review: Aaron Gillespie – “Grace Through the Wandering”

Aaron Gillespie released his second worship album Grace Through The Wandering on Feb. 3rd through BEC Recordings.

His first worship album, Anthem Song, dropped in 2011. Gillespie has been a pretty busy dude since, with his band The Almost, as well as making his return behind the drum kit with (Grammy winners) Paramore. He’s spent the last couple years with the band and during this time wrote and recorded Grace Through The Wandering all while on the road, and in about 15 different countries. As a recent guest on the BadChristian podcast, Gillespie explained that all of the vocals were recorded in a variety of different hotel rooms with a mic set up under a comforter to keep the sound the same in every different room they recorded in.

I could not be more excited about this album. The music is always creative and interesting, and the song writing explores a more full and diverse sound compared to Anthem Song. The lyrics are thoughtful, uplifting – pure worship. I immediately connected with songs like “You Alone Are God,” as it lifts up the words “with all that we are/ screaming out/ You alone are God.” There are themes of our identity in Christ, coming to God as we are, and experiencing His grace. The album’s title refers the Gillespie’s own journey (which we can certainly relate with): wandering and getting into some trouble, but God’s grace will cover all of that.

Grace Through The Wandering is mostly original material, with a really cool rendition of “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” closing out the album. It’s familiar,you know all the words, but it feels – and sounds – like a totally new song.

Grace Through The Wandering is unlike anything we’ve heard from Gillespie. Some tracks leaning slightly towards the rocky side of his music that we know (“Wake Us Up”), but mostly branching out into newer territory. In an interview with Indie Vision Music, he said that influences on this album include “old MGMT and some Tears for Fears.” Tracks like “Hold Me Close” shows us a bit of those influences, and well as others that work in electronic elements.

Standout tracks would certainly include “Praise Him,” the catchy first single released that got me even more stoked about this album, as well as “Keep Me In,” “Meet Me,” and “Give Us Your Heart” which carries a touch of U2 in its sound.

This is exactly the record I have been waiting for. Gillespie once again proves himself as a multi-talented musician and singer, skillfully writing deeply personal and spiritual songs. His heartfelt vocal delivery is impressive as always. I’ve gotta say, this album gets better with every listen.

Aaron Gillespie’s Grace Through The Wandering avoids the usually formulaic worship genre and instead delivers a creative and exciting modern worship work of art. Highly Recommended!

GTTW album cover

You can pick up Grace Through The Wandering on iTunes (or wherever it is you prefer to buy music)



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