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Interview: Mayfly

Mayfly is an alternative/metal band from Dayton, OH with influences ranging from Deftones to Underoath and bring a message which confronts the evils of today head on.

This past weekend Mayfly made the trip to Illinois to perform at Audiofeed Festival with a host of other artists.

I had the opportunity to ask Mayfly  vocalist Jared Lacey a few questions about their weekend at the festival.
Check out our conversation below:

Photo by Nowman Photography

First of all, have you been part of any music festivals before? Have played or attended Audiofeed before?

We have played at a couple local and regional music festivals including one in Kokomo, Indiana called Pit Fest which we will be performing at again this year in September, but nothing quite as large as Audiofeed. This was our first time attending and performing there.

How long of a trip there was it for you?

It was about 4 hours each way. The alphabet game is a great way to pass the time.

For those of us that couldn’t make it, how can you best describe Audiofeed?

It’s like a small town comprised of some of the most unique and creative people you’ll ever meet.

Did it get pretty sweaty in some of those tents?

It was actually pretty cold and rainy while we were there.

Any funny stories to share from the weekend?

Two things I witnessed that were funny to me were several little kids doing a circle pit during Grave Robber’s set and Flatfoot 56’s Hillbilly Hoot En Any.

People always say one of the best parts of the festival is meeting people. Was it cool to connect with fans and other bands?

I got up early Saturday morning to try to get a spot on the Front Porch stage. I didn’t get in line early enough, but I did meet a few cool people in bands, so it was worth it. The bands were Even Tides and Until We Have Faces. I watched their performances and they came to watch Mayfly’s set, as well. Also, I met a guy from Missouri who watched Mayfly’s set and actually knew some of our songs. That was really cool to meet someone who didn’t live in Ohio who was familiar with our music.

You played the Golgotha stage, but were also part of a panel. What was the discussion panel for and how did you get to be a part of that?

It was just a small group of bands getting together to discuss different aspects of being musicians. It think it was meant for bands to build up more connections. When we got a confirmation email saying we would be performing on the Golgotha stage, we were also asked to be a part of the panel.

How did that session go?

It was alright. It was cool to hear viewpoints from musicians of different levels of experience. Our friends in FBS were a part of it, too. That was a pleasant surprise.

I caught a bit of your set being live streamed on Facebook. Looked pretty rad.

Our set was live streamed? I didn’t know that! Where on Facebook did you see it?

One of the guys running the stage was streaming some bands throughout the weekend, and I think he was live for part of one of your songs. How did your set go?

We were very satisfied with our performance. We tried out a new set which included a new song that we were nervous about doing for the first time, but I think we pulled it off in a nearly flawless fashion. It was a small crowd, but they we very enthusiast about participating during our sing along parts.

Which band/artist were you guys stoked to see as a fan?

I think Emery was the band we were most excited to see. We would’ve liked to have seen Wolves at the Gate, as well, but our set was at the same time as their set.

On the weekend where did you feel God was at work or moving in this festival? (In you personally, as a band, new friends, during a worship set, etc?)

To be honest, that’s a tough one to answer. Perhaps, I got a little too caught up in all the excitement and didn’t spend enough time communicating with God, but one thing that stuck out to me was the strong sense of community present at the festival. People from all vastly different walks of life coming together and forming friendships with each other. If God wasn’t present in that, I don’t know where He is present.

Photo by Taylor Hurte

Your latest single “The Line That Separates” has been getting some attention, online and radio! Can you tell me a little more about that song?

The music for “The Line That Separates” was originally written by John Carnahan who used to play guitar for The Machine and later for Staple on their final EP. We grew up in the same church. He heard some recordings from my previous band and wanted to see what I could do with a couple of songs he had written. The lyrics were inspired by a couple I know who conceived a child out of wedlock and were not ready to be parents. The mother considered abortion for a while, but with the support of friends, family and the father, she decided to keep the child and now they have a 5 year old boy who brings so much excitement and happiness to their life. This song asks the question, “What if they had chosen to abort their son?” and the idea of forgiveness in spite of making such a choice.

What is in the future for Mayfly? More Recording, videos, tours we can look forward to?

We will mostly be playing in Ohio for the remainder of the year except for Pit Fest in Kokomo, Indiana. You can find all of our tour dates at www.mayflysounds.com/shows. At this point, we plan on recording our first full length album in late August.

Where can we get our hands on your music? And what’s the best way for fans to connect/keep up with Mayfly?

You can purchase our new single here:https://vol.lnk.to/MayflyLTS and our EP here: https://vol.lnk.to/MflyVDND.

The best way to keep up to date on all things Mayfly is to sign up for our mailing list at www.mayflysounds.com.

Mayfly is also on: Facebook & Twitter


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