All In releases video for “Capsized” from upcoming debut EP

Melodic metalcore band All In recently released a video for the single “Capsized” which is from their upcoming debt, Lost. The five track EP is  set to release Feb. 5th

Formerly members of Atlas Shrugged, All In formed soon after that project disbanded. While half of Atlas had different plans for their musical motives, the others shared the same idea; to make music that could appeal to nearly any crowd so that the message behind the band could be spread. All In is a quite literal description for what the band represents: that no one gets left behind to face their struggles alone. Whether it be internal or external, together as one the means to push forth can be achieved.

Vocalist Jared Daws says, “I’m so glad to have finally filmed this music video. We always wanted to do one and when we finally got around to this point in our career, we knew “Capsized” would be the right choice. I wrote this song to help kids understand that they aren’t alone in their day to day struggles. Whether that be internal or external, your life is worth fighting for. Fight to be happy because at the end of the day, as people, we all just want to be happy. So many people, I find, in older generations do not believe someone as young as myself can be a voice of reason but I believe differently. I wrote this song for me. I wrote this song for you. Stay strong, and never let life defeat you.”







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