Interview: My Heart To Fear

My Heart To Fear, a metal band based out of Williamsport, PA, formed in 2005, releasing one album and two EP’s before signing to Solid State Records. Through Solid State they put out 2012’s EP Lost Between Brilliance and Insanity and the full length Algorithm in 2013. MHTF has been fairly quiet lately, only releasing bits of news about an upcoming record that is to be released independently.

The band has been hard at work on new music, and recently wrapped up the Fear No Evil Tour with It Lies Within and The Illustrator.

I had a quick conversation with My Heart to Fear vocalist Trevor Pool where he gave me the update on what the band has been up to since the last record, line-up changes,  the label situation, and when we can expect new music.



The band has been around 10 years now. Is the same line up, or have you had many changes?

When I was 13 years old, we started as a 4 piece; this was our drummer Luke, our bassist/my older brother Taylor, our previous guitarist Brandon, and I. A year after we started we met Dale and were a 5 piece like that until Brandon quit and Jay filled the spot for 4 years. Jay quit and was replaced by Dan Pugh. Essentially we’ve had the same 4 members for 9 years and just had a couple rhythm guitar change ups.

This new album is being released independently. In a recent Facebook update video, there were no hard feelings it seemed towards Solid State. What happened, why the break from the label?

No hard feelings at all, we love the people at Solid State. They just had an issue with the year it was taking us to pay off getting our van’s transmission replaced. When we went to ask when we can send the demos of what we had recorded for this next album, they emailed us and said there wasn’t enough touring at the time to justify doing another record. So we didn’t ask anything else about it and left.

What have you been up to in the time in between this and the previous album? What has MHTF been up to in that time?

Well we toured like animals for the previous record, but went in debt from the van dying a very expensive death, needing to re-up merch, etc. So all 5 of us were working towards that stuff, and in the midst of it all our rhythm guitarist Jay got married and moved to Missouri. There were absolutely no hard feelings, he remains a brother to us all, but band-wise it was definitely the proverbial kick to the ribs while you’re down. By the time we resolved what to do about the empty spot, it had already been so long since our last release that there would really be no point in investing money in touring with no new music to play and no old music/merch to sell, ESPECIALLY when we can turn that money into a new album!

Now we have our new guitarist and brother Dan on rhythms, van paid off, good portion of the record finished, and tours being booked!

How long have you guys been writing this album? Can you give us any idea for a potential release date?

We’ve been collectively writing this forthcoming record for almost a year; definitely are hoping to release as soon as humanly possible. Realistically we will probably be releasing towards the end of winter/very beginning of spring.

 From what I’ve been seeing on your band’s social media, it seems you want to bring people the truth and are exposing government corruption and control and the like, and Biblical prophecy, I don’t know how to accurately summarize it..  can you tell us a bit more about this?

All of us have a love for studying into how the government/governments past have been steeped in the same Satanic rites and practices since the first governments, and how now they are all coming together to bring a pre-planned world war 3, global government, depopulation efforts, micro-chipping away your sense of self etc… A lot of these things we plan to integrate into the new music.

There’s an infinite number of facets that I can elaborate on when it comes to this subject, but all I’ll say is while they try and get us divided/encourage depopulation and initiate the “final social cataclysm” (Albert pike’s 3 world wars) we in MHTF will try our hardest to bring everyone together against it, in love for one another. Bonding and defending one another as a brotherhood, and standing for the God who IS there and wants to literally manifest his love and miracles to all of us

Where are you uncovering this information? What would you like people to know? Have any of these themes informed your lyrics for the new record?

We’ve been gathering information for  years all together, especially me and my brother. You have to use discernment with sources, but we try and stick to just factual information that helps prove Biblical prophecy. Anything from books written by insiders, things like satanic occult  practices/groups the government is involved in, patterns in how empires past were also involved in the same things. It’s tough because you almost have to be vague about it as a whole, unless you spend hours upon hours going through all the many branches of this subject. Many of these themes are absolutely in the new lyrics, not taking the global currency, mass hysteria, why the television is a weapon against us, false wars to scare people into accepting totalitarian governing tactics/one-world government, etc…

What the song writing process is like for you, lyrically and musically?

Lyrically, I just listen to the instrumental track over and over until a consistent disposition develops. Whatever vibe I feel from just listening to the instruments, I try to base the topic off of. Musically, the fellas will usually write something until a basic song structure is done, then I’ll throw in ideas I might have.

How has this process changed from when the band first started to now?

It hasn’t changed a whole lot, other than us using TabIt a lot now to send ideas back and forth.

Zachary Scott of It Lies Within has said this  rad new tour you’re on has been in the making for over a year.  Can you tell us a little more about the Fear No Evil tour? 
The tour is going very well! The guys in The Illustrator and It lies within have become great friends. From our signature MHTF Wal-mart all night BBQ’s, and they have helped us so much when our van went out on us for a couple days in the beginning. We have 2 more days left and are sad for it to be over soon, but can’t wait to go out again with both of these bands!

 Are you busting out any of the new songs on this tour?

Absolutely! The whole set is new and we are currently teaching our new band-mate/brother Dan a few oldies to throw in as well!

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