Review: Fallstar – “Future Golden Age”

Portland-based metal act Fallstar is poised to drop their latest album, Future Golden Age. FGA was completely fan-funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign, and is releasing through Rat Family Records on Dec. 8th. Rat Family Records

Fallstar’s Facebook page has genre listed simply as “heavy.” This is the best possible description because this band won’t fit neatly into any subgenre or “whatever”-core label you can dream up.

Although it’s dropping in the last couple weeks of the year, this is one of the best albums of 2015.

The vocals are heavy and melodic. Breakdowns, nu-metal tinges, electronics and keys appear as the band draws influence from and touches on many different styles but molds them into one cohesive sound.

Fallstar Color

Fallstar’s Future Golden Age bears similarities to Bring Me The Horizon or Palisades, with some pop-oriented choruses and moments and use of electronica while remaining heavy. “What Roberta Sparrow Said” is a prime example. I also dig the absolutely brutal “Dance in the Desert;” the clean vocals and how they slow things right now at the end until that moment the song returns the devastating metal in the way it began.

A favorite track of mine is “Death Worship.” The vocals are ripping, from clean vocals to guttural lows. You think the song is done when there’s a break; a cough, tears back into the killer lows, adding a Josh Scogin sort of touch to the song. Another wicked vocal performance comes on “Under the Gun.” A lot of these songs offer points where you can’t help but sing along.

Fallstar even show off their rap skills with “This is my E.L.F. Weapon.” During this track you can’t help but smile because it’s clear this band loves what they’re doing.

“Slaves” is an absolute skullcrusher, coming from a place where hardcore meets nu-metal. Musically as well as lyrically this is a standout song, one I kept coming back to.

The musicianship is impeccable. I could give any number of examples, but one quick one is on “Impossible Dreamers (MFTM).” just listen to how those drums hit.

To tease the album release, Fallstar recently released a brand new video for “A Circle Above Me (Silent Voice).”Check it out below.


“This song is about finding inner peace and understanding that love is the engine of the universe. The characters in the video travel to a point to where they can release any burdens or inner conflict up into the universe to find joy and hope. The dancing character is the tension within our heads that drives us crazy, but when it’s given a healthy outlet, it becomes something beautiful that pushes us to do great things.” –Vocalist Chris Ratzlaff


Fallstar is breathing new life into aggressive music with an energetic records that bursts with originality. Future Golden Age is  versatile, heavy, and jams hard the whole way through. This record should easily top 2015’s “Best of” lists.



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2 thoughts on “Review: Fallstar – “Future Golden Age””

  1. Awesome review bro! I love this record, such a diverse mix of sounds, and each song offers its own special character. One of the best of 2015 that’s certain!


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