Review: BROOMFILLER – “Third Stage Propellor Index”

BROOMFILLER is a melodic punk/alt-rock hybrid act from Toronto. Third Stage Propellor Index, released in fall of 2015, follows two previous full lengths, Watching the girls go bi and Enter the Storm.

TSPI is a very personal record to songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Richard Leko. You can learn more about the background in this recent interview with him.

BROOMFILLER recorded this album in Pemborke, ON, enlisting Jordon Zadorozny (Blinker The Star/ Courtney Love/ Sam Roberts) to produce.


Third Stage Propellor Index is melodic punk driven in the same lanes as Bad Religion or Millencollin and steered by the alt-rock style of the likes of Foo Fighters.

“Agnostic Orgasmic” opens the record with a punky, driving rock song whose catchy vocals and energy prime the listener for the following ten tracks.

With “Figure it out Quickly,” Leko is right in his element vocally. This track offers a great picture of the overall definitive style of the band.

“Tears Me Apart”is one of the more inventive tracks that incorporates additional elements (percussion, etc.) to fill out the sound and take it beyond the straight ahead rock of much of the rest of the album.

“Trant So” is a killer song that closes out the record with a definite Nirvana influence.

Standout tracks include”How Long, So Long,” which is the perfect choice for a first single; a great modern rock song.

“High School Reunion” and “Amputake” also make that list. “HSR” has infectious melody, with slower verses and an addictive chorus with perfect background vocals. This is one you’ll certainly return to. “Amputake” is an overloaded, heavily distorted song that leans in the direction of Chevelle but balances the heavy-soft dynamics with some Thrice-like qualities.

Third Stage Propellor Index offers lyrics brimming with personality while the music is laid back and uncomplicated. Drawing from influences all across the board, BROOMFILLER filters out and keeps the best in contemporary rock, delivering it in an enjoyable melodic punk package.


Broomfiller album cover


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