Countdown to Exodo Fest XIII (& how you can help!)

Exodo Festival is a Christian heavy music festival in Tlaxcala, Mexico. This year’s event takes place on the first weekend in April, and I’ve gotta say, in probably the raddest place possible: on top of La Malinche – a dormant volcano.

Exodo has been host to some wild bands like Still Remains, Oh, Sleeper, Mychildren Mybride, Haste the Day, and Impending Doom.

This year boasts a very impressive lineup with headliners War Of Ages, as well as Broken Flesh, Grave Robber, Abated Mass of Flesh, Deborah, Where Eagles Dare, and Leper.

Exodo Fest logo

This year’s flyer draws together the Old Testament story of the parting of the Red Sea in the exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt, and the amazing expression of Freedom of Christ’s crucifixion in the New Testament. (For a full and detailed explanation check out this post on the Exodo Fest Facebook page.)

They say the graphics represent these two fundamental historic moments that remind us there is always a path to freedom – even when it is difficult and can even cost you your life. As Jesus said in Matt. 16:25:

“For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” (NIV).

This Festival is about seeking freedom, and bringing hope and light to Mexico. Grave Robber has said “the bulk of folks in attendance will NOT be believers. This is an enormous opportunity to minister.”


How YOU Can help:

Mexican GR Skull Logo

Grave Robber has pulled together a killer lineup as Jim Chaffin of The Crucified will be playing drums, and Joe Motson from Debtor on guitar. The band says, “it’s no secret that punk bands these days aren’t exactly rolling in dough.” So you can click HERE to order an extremely limited edition Grave Robber t-shirt sporting the “Mexican Grave Robber Skull Logo.” ALL proceeds go towards covering the band’s airfare.
There is only THREE days left to grab one of these shirts (and/or make a donation towards the cause).

Another acLeper to Exodot that needs some help is the goth-rocker Leper, who has a gofundme campaign open to accept donations to make the trip possible. Skot Shaw and his wife are both full time missionaries in Chicago, and Shaw would love to make it to Exodo to be a part of that incredible weekend minisitry. They had an original goal set of $700, but all sorts of additional unexpected costs kept popping up and so they have had to raise to goal to $900.




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