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Stop, Drop & Burn – “Facedown” EP, Drop, and Burn hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba,  and consists of Ky Oliver – Drums, Drake Friesen – vocals, Cole Braun – Bass, and Donovan Rempel – guitar. The band describes themselves as a God fearing, Jesus driven band whose goal is to “entertain, connect, and change people’s lives.

The foursome unleashes a heavy, loose deathcore sound on their 6 song EP, Facedown, which was released in the summer of 2014.

Friesen’s vocals are fierce throughout. His beasty performance will keep you locked. “Break” and “Obscenities” feature guest artists and there is some cool vocal layering and diversity.

Musically, the band draws on metalcore and death elements to create something that feels fresh. Stop, Drop & Burn brings more than non-stop breakdowns or gutturals. With each listen I seemed to pick up on a different guitar part, or something with the drums, and realize the creativity which with these guys write.  They know their instruments, and with Facedown, deliver an entertaining and ferocious album as a unit.  I’d say the real skull crusher of the EP is “Downfall of Your Idols.”

The album opens with a short intro track that begins with water sounds, gasping for breath,  and a minute of crushing instrumentals. In the closing of the final track, “Crowds,” we are ushered to the end of the EP with the sound of waves. This water motif carries along the theme from the title track, where “hate floods every thought.” The song opens with the lines, “in this ocean of apathy for so long/ the devil’s holding your head under /Drowning out every cry for help/ you’re not even fighting back/ it won’t be much longer before you’re floating face down.”

Their Bandcamp page explains that the whole EP “deals with the struggles and sin we’ve all faced in our lives. Every day we’re faced with new obstacles and people who can either lift us up or drag us down. We’ve all been there. We’ve all hit rock bottom at some point.”

I got in touch with the band to ask a couple of questions about the EP. Drummer and songwriter Ky Oliver explained, “For the writing of this album, I wrote songs about personal experiences and struggles I’ve had with sin. I wrote the songs based on what I was feeling or thinking about at that moment in time.”

Oliver draws lyrical inspiration from artists like As I Lay Dying, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, and Impending Doom. He also explained that when writing the songs, he gives the music a listen and tries to match the lyrics in a way that would complement the song’s structure and overall feel.

I asked what the band has been up to recently, and if there are any recording plans in the near future. Ky said that they are “spending a lot of time polishing up our live set, setting up some new gear, trying some new guitar tunings, and really trying to push ourselves in any way that we can.”

He also dropped the news that the band is currently writing in preparation for a full length album that’s in the works for 2015!

http://christiandeathcore.bandcamp.comRecently, the band has also been included on a compilation album called Christian Deathcore Vol. 3. They’re featured alongside 34 other killer bands like Broken Flesh and Pantokrator. You can pick up that album here.


Visit the band on Facebook and check out the Facedown EP on their Bandcamp page.