Premiere: New song from The Woodsmans Babe – “Something in the Air”

We are proud to present a brand new track from  The Woodsman’s Babe (AKA Joe Lengson). This single is Lengson’s take on “Something in the Air,” originally a U.K. number one hit in 1969 by Thunderclap Newman.

Check  out the new track below:

joe-lengson-promo-1Lengson (former Mychildren Mybride bassist-turned folk artist) is currently in studio at Light & Co. Studios in Los Angeles working on a full-length album.

The anticipated release for this as-of-yet untitled project is April 2017. His previous release was in 2016; the introspective, folky, Babeland, out through CI Records.

Joe will be hitting the road on tour this Summer to support the new album. Keep an eye out for dates coming soon!

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