Review: Strengthen What Remains – “2017 Promo”

Strengthen What Remains is steamrolling into 2017 with the release of a three song demo titled 2017 Promo. It will be released on January 27th through Blood & Ink Records.

The band plans to keep the momentum going playing North American shows before headlining a series of dates on a tour of Asia this Spring.


We already knew Strengthen What Remains was a hardcore powerhouse, but you still better be ready for 2017 Promo to grab you by the throat.

Each of the three tracks is a serious barn burner, with the sludgy and passionate “Exploit. Enslave. Overpower”; “Liberation of the Spirit”‘s full-strength, mile high riffs, and the pit-ready metallic flurry that is “Against the Stone.”

It’s in-your-face; it’s pummeling; and it will leave you breathless.

After jamming the unrestrained aggression of 2017 Promo, I could only pray that we’ll hear more from Strengthen What Remains this year.

Check their tour dates to see where these road dogs will be decimating a crowd near you.


Promo 2017 Tracklist

1. Exploit. Enslave. Overpower
2. Liberation of the Spirit
3. Against the Stone




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