Review: Valaska – “Inchoate”

Valaska is a four piece indie group from Forest Park, IL. 2013 saw the release of their debut LP Natural Habitat (produced by Aaron Marsh of Copeland). The band did some heavy touring and even built their own studio before releasing their sophomore album, Thing, in 2015. In the midst of touring and more studio expansions, Valaska released their latest album, inchoate, last month.


This hard-working band  has taken a total DIY approach to their last two albums where everything from recording, to booking tours, to PR, and everything in between has all been done themselves.

Get a taste of the new album with “Vessel” below:


Inchoate is a little more energetic than Thing, but still brings the same mellow, folky indie rock sound that has become synonymous with Valaska. Inchoate is a laid back, acoustic album that first appears as another “coffee shop” type record, until you give it a closer listen.

The careful musicianship of Valaska is so apparent in every song. From the cool guitar parts and layering throughout the album, as is evident in “Ghost,” to “Sad Bones” which is immediately attention grabbing as the first real piano driven track. Piano carries the first minute until the rest of the band quietly joins in. This album on the whole is calming, atmospheric; even the subdued cheeriness of “Vessel” will lull you into a meditative state.

The lyrical heaviness is sure to connect with any listener.  These words could stand on their own as painfully perfect poetry, but once paired them with this music  each song becomes something special. Do yourself a favor, and soak in these lyrics. Like me, you’ll realize how you’ve “fallen sick with the human condition.”

Valaska’s songwriting grows better and reels me in deeper with every album. Inchoate is a thoughtful and mournfully beautiful album that needs to be experienced.

Valaska Inchoate

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