Review: Zach Bolen – “1001”

Zach Bolen‘s solo singer-songwriter debut 1001 is set for a a June 3rd release through BC Music. This record will take him from being “the dude from Citizens and Saints” to becoming a household name.

Bolen has been drawing a lot of comparisons to Bright Eyes and Ryan Adams, but he has this quality  that keeps him from fading into a crowded genre of singer-songwriters and indie rockers – just give “Without Conditions” a listen and you’ll know what I mean.

Zach Bolen

1001 is nothing flashy or in your face, and that’s a good thing. This wordsmith’s pure voice and bare bones style are so easy to connect with, it seems like he’s somehow singing your feelings too. During a track such as “I Will Let You Down,” this record is intimate in a way that makes me feel like I’m eavesdropping on a man alone with his guitar. The realness of this track makes it easily one of my favorites of the album. “Leave Me Alone”and “Carry On” also create a lot of quiet, contemplative, empty space.

I don’t mean to say this is nothing but a quiet, melancholy project. The album’s opener “95” builds from acoustic guitar into a driving indie rock song backed by full band. “What They’ll Never Find” is another example of uptempo, acoustic lead rock. “Stay Runaway” is full of 90’s rock vibes that will touch a nostalgic spot in many.



An intimate album, from quiet reflection to 90’s influenced indie rock, 1001 will be a joy to  those looking for a laid back record to relax with, and a comfort to those in cloudier days.

After a single listen, Zach Bolen feels like an old friend with songs that are fresh and bold but feel so familiar. 1001 is the indie record you’ve been waiting for in 2016.


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