Zach Bolen’s “Live & Alone” Series Carries On with New Track

Seattle-based Citizens and Saints vocalist Zach Bolen is set to release his solo record 1001  this summer via BC Music.

In preparation for this album – and to give us a little preview of what to expect – Bolen is releasing one video a week on his website in his “Live and Alone” series. Four tracks have been released so far, with this week’s new song “Carry On”.



The record is quite a departure from Citizens and Saints’ upbeat sound and has been described as “leaning more toward a Manchester Orchestra gritty folk vibe” and having “bouncy Fleetwood Mac melodies.” All I know from what I’ve heard is it is a very raw and personal record, and Zach cites the last twelve years of life as the biggest influence on the sound of the record.

1001 is currently available for pre-order at

zb 1001

Keep an eye on for the last two videos in the “Live and Alone” series and be sure to visit him on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter




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