Thumper Punk Records announces new Living Fire album, offers FREE download

Thumper Punk Records just announced the release of  Brazilian street punk band Living Fire‘s third full-length album, O Eterno Agora. This album follows their English language albums Jesus Rules and Dead to Sin, and is the band’s first release in their native Portuguese.

Thumper Punk and Living Fire are offering O Eterno Agora as a FREE download.

 A ministry focused band, Living Fire’s bio says, “With no other intent but to praise the Lord with overwhelming joy and energy, LIVING FIRE strives to adhere to Jesus’s commandments in Mark 16:15, thus transmitting God’s word to places where it would not be inserted through conventional means.”

Living Fire band photo

Living Fire features Luis Carlos (Vocals), Raphael Alcantara (Bass), Michel Oliveira (Drums), Murillo Xavier (Guitar), and Wesley Farina (Guitar).

Living Fire album cover

Connect with Living Fire: 

– visit them on Facebook
– head to



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