Review: INFIRMITIES – Paid In Blood EP

Based out of Salinas, California, INFIRMITIES is a thrashy old school street punk band that has shared the stage with numerous punk legends including UK Subs, Agent Orange, Subhumans, and H.R. of Bad Brains.

This summer, through SkyBurnsBlack records, the band released their Paid in Blood The E.P. which tears along at breakneck speed. INFIRMITIES says “ya miss 2 minutes… ya missed two songs.” That is literally not an exaggeration as only 4 of the eight tracks clock in over the one minute mark.

Unashamedly a Christian band, this album is soaked in the gospel message right from the first track. “World of Sin” says “we’re dying in a world of sin / Jesus died for you / He’s done things in my life / He can do in your life too”. Later in “Saved” we hear, “He Took Away My Shame / Healed The Lame / His Name’s Jesus / And I’ll Never Be The Same.”

A couple of highlights that stick with me are “No Choice” and “Shadow of the Cross.” J Hawk’s seasoned punk vocals demand attention as he steers each blood-pumping track. Punchy background vocals fill out the sound and to the intensity. The drums hit hard, driving the band at full speed and thrashy buzz saw guitars are matched with bass that even steals some of the limelight in tracks like “Brood of Vipers” and “Infirmities Anthem.”

INFIRMITIES’ Paid in Blood The E.P. is high-energy street punk with truth-filled lyrics that hit as hard as the music.  At the end of this sweat-soaked eight minutes you’ll be left with no doubt that INFIRMITIES more than deserves its spot alongside other legendary acts at the forefront of the genre.

Infirmities - Paid In Blood FRONTPaid in Blood The E.P. is available for purchase by Digital Download or  Physical CD.

Grab some band merch, and connect with them on Facebook.


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