Noise rock duo Not Of drops new video for “The Mark”

I saw Japanther play a show at my university’s pub several years back and I was blown away by the power and the glorious chaos produced by only two guys on stage. Not many aggressive two person acts can pull it off. ’68  is another that comes to mind as that band quickly began to dominate the scene as Josh Scogin’s  post-The Chariot project.

Now we are witnessing the rise of a noise-rock duo from Toronto, ON who recently released  their debut album and is more than ready to cause a ruckus. Both these guys, who perform under the pseudonyms John Ex and Jason Seance, have cut their teeth as long time members of the Canadian Indie scene but have teamed up and with this new project to kick down doors as Not Of. The assumed names were taken on because they’d rather not have their previous work colour what they’re doing right now.

Not Of's debut "Pique"

The band describes themselves as “essentially a maximal/minimalist noise rock duo. The two pieces really need to fit to make the most of things.” Though it is their first band together, the guys are nearly lifelong friends. John says, “I’ve always been a fan of [Jason’s] drumming and was just lucky that he was available and interested when I wanted to start this act a few years ago.”

The duo just released a new video for their song “The Mark” from their album Pique. The video “captures the claustrophobia of us compacting ourselves into our cramped rehearsal space — as well as the financial claustrophobia of having no budget. All of which is sorta loosely what “The Mark” is about, but let’s not get carried away here. It makes visual racket, and that’s what really matters.” Check it out below:

Head on over to Not Of’s  Bandcamp page for their full-length debut Pique.
Connect with the band:

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