Review: The Old-Timers – “Turn It Off” & “Turn It Up!”

South Africa-based hardcore punkers The Old-Timers have released two new EPs called Turn it off and Turn It Up! The albums are released jointly by Thumper Punk Records and Veritas Vinyl.

The Old-Timers have a rather unique recording process, with Dave (vocals) and Don (guitar and bass) twelve hours apart in South Africa, and their drummer Phil (also of False Idle) back in the United States.

They describe themselves as “Three men on a mission to glorify God, gather friends and go have fun getting the Gospel out!”

The Old-Timers_____

The Old-Timers Turn it offTurn It Off is a fast and furious EP with three of the four songs clocking in under two minutes. This album is chock-full of aggressive old-school punk brimming with righteous indignation.

“Untouchables” quotes Matthew 25:40 and urges the listener to  “touch the untouchable/ love the unlovable.” “Homeless Friends” is the climax of this EP as a zealous  punk anthem with a layer of guest vocals by Ninah Llopis giving it more depth. Homelessness is clearly an issue that burns close to their hearts and that fervor comes through strong in a powerhouse song that will convict and shake your thinking.

The Old Timers Turn it upTurn It Up! takes things in a different direction with a turn towards positivity and encouragement rather than conviction. This EP carries on in loose punk rock but with more catchiness to the songs and sing (or shout) along choruses such as on “Broken Glass,” which discusses showing grace to another.

A standout favorite on this EP is “No Regrets” featuring guests vocals by Sef Idle. Backed by some solid guitar work, the song is about being a man, doing what’s right, and being a good dad. The blistering, sweat-soaked “This City” (originally found on their Soli Deo Gloria album) brings the album to an intense close.

This double EP set is solid old-school hardcore punk packed with a passion that will inspire both circle pits and prayer circles.  Turn It Off and Turn It Up! is non-stop furious, feel-good, fists in the air punk rock with a mission.

Old Timers logoDigital versions are available through iTunes, AmazonMP3, most other digital retailers, as well as Thumper Punk Records and Veritas Vinyl webstores

All proceeds from the sale of Turn It Off and Turn It Up! will be donated to U-Turn Homeless Ministries in Cape Town, South Africa.


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