Vocal Few launch (pay-what-you-can) pre-order for “The Dream Alive”

The Seattle based duet Vocal Few is set to release their third record, The Dream Alive, following 2013’s Tall Trees EP and the 2012 release She’ll Be Right EP.

Matt MacDonald (Singer/songwriter of The Classic Crime) and his wife Kristie bring a beautiful blend of piano, acoustic guitar, and wonderfully complementary voices. Not only is Vocal Few a creative outlet for the two but also a means for providing for their young family of four.

The MacDonalds would like to give their fans The Dream Alive on a pay-what-you-can basis, further enhancing the artist/fan relationship.

The Dream Alive drops Oct. 30 with pre-orders starting today at VocalFew.com and all orders will receive a brand new song on Sept. 14.

Matt & Kristie are currently in the second week of The Dream Alive Tour. Click HERE to find a tour date near you!


Follow Matt & Kristie:

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