Grave Robber - Straight to Hell

Review: Grave Robber – “Straight to Hell” Album

On Oct. 14th, Rottweiler Records unleashed Grave Robber’s latest album, Straight to Hell. The original release date was set for Nov. 25 – but it only makes sense to have this creepy collection of tunes in time for Halloween.

I did just write about Grave Robber a couple weeks ago after the “Straight to Hell” lyric video came out, but if you read that you know how stoked I am about this record.

Though the 4 song album clocks in at around  a brief11 minutes, Straight to Hell is a terrifyingly satisfying ride.

The metal influence in “Straight to Hell” opens the record with a real aggression and sets the tone for the rest of the album. Wretched forcefully declares upon the evils plaguing mankind, “I bind you up and you go straight to hell!”

The following track, “Hunger Haunts” is a catchy punk rock rollick, complete with background werewolf howl mid-song. As powerful as the music, is the message, which says that among zombies and werewolves and bogeymen, it is “the eyes of a hungry child that should haunt us most.” This track is being used in advertisements for Canadian Feed the Children‘s Hunger Haunts campaign.

“Beast of Busco” is a fun graveyard rock retelling of a legend of a 500 lb turtle: “a creature from a forgotten time.” The punky “whoa – oh”s and the rock and roll flair will put this song in full rotation in my music library.

“Mummator” is a theme song for Mummator and the Conquerors of the Cosmos – a comic homage to the He-Man knockoffs of the 80’s. You can check out the 32 page comic here, which is made by the same guy who did the cover art for Straight to Hell.  “Mummator” would probably be the grimiest Saturday morning catroon theme you’d ever hear.

I give Grave Robbers Straight to Hell 4.5 bloody shovels out of five!


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