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Beartooth: Honest Loud Rock

Okay, I would probably go to Warped Tour this year just to see Beartooth. Yeah, there are lots of other sick bands on the tour, but lets just take a minute to talk about what a killer band Beartooth is.

Another music-lover friend of mine described them as “a mix of Fall Out Boy, Stray From the Path & the Chariot.” We definitely agree on the way they mix catchy pop verses and heavy parts.

Frontman and songwriter Caleb Shomo – former Attack Attack! vocalist – describes the band as “just loud rock.”

With their new album Disgusting due out June 10th, various websites have been releasing a song here and there to build excitement for the release date. Basically, with a little hunting, or a look at their Facebook page, you can give the whole album a listen right now.

I read in an interview with Bradley Hathaway that one of his favourite albums is Johnny Cash’s American IV: The Man Comes Around, he describes lying on the floor and listening to the whole thing, being blown away:“He has a song on there for just about every emotion we feel in life.” That’s how I feel about Beartooth. I’ve only heard a few of the song from the upcoming album Disgusting, but I know that he’s authentic.

I love his ripping brutal honesty. The first song I heard from this band is “I Have a Problem,” which is starts off:

“I found my vice
It lives in a bottle and wants me to die”

and later on:

“My stomach is bleeding
But im still drinking
A hole inside me is now more than a metaphor.”

The next song I heard was “Go Be The Voice.” On this track Caleb says

“I wasn’t force fed what I think
And I don’t care if you think I’m brainwashed for what I believe”

and pleads,

“God where are you now”

In a recent interview with Alternative Press Shomo explained a bit about the lyrics and their background:

“The lyrics on the record are pretty much whatever I was feeling at that moment. The whole point in the beginning of Beartooth in general was, while I was in Attack Attack! I was just in an incredibly dark place in life, and I was pretty miserable. Beartooth was my escape and my kind of therapy in a sense. I would write these songs and try and be as honest as physically possible just to get that relief for me personally. I didn’t even think it would be something I’d show a lot of people or that anyone would care about it.

I guess that makes it a little awkward, writing these personal songs, now knowing they’re going to be played to a mass audience, and more or less anyone who wants to hear them. ”

Check out their latest video “Beaten in Lips”