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Review: Ghosts Again – “The Closest Thing To Closure”

Post hardcore trio Ghosts Again released their debut EP The Closest Thing to Closure on April 22/2016.

The Closest Thing To Closure was produced by Philip Wilson of Earmark Studios and mixed by John Harrell of The Sound Barn. Ghosts Again is a hardworking band constantly pushing one another to create a sound that is all their own, and to shed some new light on the genre.

You can learn  more about Ghosts Again and this album in a recent interview with Giants in the Sound.

Ghosts Again Band photo

The Closest Thing To Closure is brimming with a  crisp modern rock sound. Cortright’s voice rivals any veteran in the scene and this band masterfully handles the  loud/soft dynamics and allows songs to develop without becoming wearisome.

Youthful energy is consistent throughout making it in invigorating listen. Lyrics range from deep and exploratory, as in “Pant’s Division (The End of Silence),” to downright relatable as in “Les Enfants Terrible.” The latter has a great poppy vein running through it; a wickedly catchy song with addictive complexity in the guitar.

Ghosts Again puts out an impressively huge, full sound for being only a three piece. They can churn out crystal clear vocals and delicate guitar, but also quickly descend toward the chaotic.  Ghosts Again is a young band bursting with ability, producing radio-ready tracks that could easily fit into a playlist alongside Taking Back Thursday or a young Thrice.


Ghosts Again EP cover

Track Listing

1. Skeleton Boy

2. Pant’s Division (The End is Silence)

3. Les Enfants Terribles

4. Relive/Revive

5. Eleven


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