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Metal Missionaries – The Documentary

Metal Missionaries – The Documentary is the first full-length documentary about the extreme Christian music scene, and will be released for digital download everywhere on Sept. 17th, with pre-orders available starting Sept. 1. The film is also an official selection for Christian Film Festival in Newport News, VA. 

Metal Missionaries uses live concert footage and one-on-one interviews with members of A Hill to Die Upon, Grave Robber, The Protest, Frost Like Ashes, Vials of Wrath, True Liberty and many more to give a behind the scenes look at the views and motivations of Christian artsists. On the flip side, we also hear from members of secular acts such as Goatwhore, Necronomicon, and Nordjeval to get their opinions of Christianity in metal.

Watch the trailer below:

“The genre of Christian heavy metal is no longer characterized by Stryper’s trademark yellow-and-black spandex. Instead, it’s found on the stages of the wildly popular Warped Tour, it’s featured in the pages of secular music magazines like AP and Guitar World, it draws thousands of fans into rural Illinois every year for Audiofeed Festival, and its bands garner thunderous applause from hard rockers at events like The Revolver Golden Gods Awards.” – Metal Missionaries The Documentary



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