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Chastity fights hometown boredom in new “Manning Hill” video

Chastity is based out of Whitby, ON, a town the band describes as “bleak, suburban sprawl” that has “made skids out of bored kids here.”

They’ve just released a video for the song “Manning Hill,” which is named after the biggest hill in Whitby; one they’ve “always skated and tried to conquer.”

Vocalist Brandon Williams tracked down an old friend, Justin Singer, to shoot a Smashing Pumpkins inspired video that he couldn’t get out of his head. They had virtually no budget for this video but were able to crank out a pretty sick final product. Check it out below:


Chastity says they hope to stick to the suburbs for a lot of their upcoming shows and to play record shops, skate parks, rooftops, bush parties and “unique, off the beaten path markets”

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To download their demo head over to ChastitySongs.com