The Cane Creek Tragic signs to Sancrosanct Records & releases new single

The Cane Creek Tragic is a Southern hard-rock band hailing from Pikeville, Tennessee. These guys are rocking in the same feel-good vein as Skynyrd and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.  Recently the five-piece signed to Sancrosanct Records who announced the band will be releasing an EP later on in 2017. Shortly after the band’s signing, we were treated with a brand new single, “The Calling.”

The Cane Creek Tragic is: The Cane Creek Tragic band photo

Caleb Scarbrough
Brandon Blaylock
Cain Morgan
Steven Standefer
Logan Walling

Caleb Scarbrough introduces TCCT, “We are a Christian hard Southern rock band that likes to have a good time and spread a positive Christian message through our lyrics. Hopefully the twangy guitars and Christian lyrics shows people who we are as people. But I guess it’s talking about feeling God call you to be his. We like putting on a good show but hopefully someone takes to heart the things we say and sing about on stage.”

Check out the new single:

Of “The Calling,” Caleb explains, “Back before I was saved I’d feel this pull to know Him. Whether it be driving down the road, or just going about my day. I’d always feel that missing piece. I think The Calling can touch those who have been saved and those who haven’t. We all feel that Calling to know Him or build a better relationship. It’s really a cool song and I enjoy playing it. I’m all about having fun doing what I love and worshiping with my best buds.”

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