Fallstar releases crowdfunded video for “Radio(NW Hesh)”

Last year Portland, Oregon natives Fallstar founded their own crowd sourced record label, Rat Family Records. The first label of it’s kind, Rat Family has allowed the band to release their album
Future Golden Age, tour, travel in Europe, and release two music videos.  Today they have released their latest video for the song “Radio(NW Hesh).” The video was shot, edited, and performed by the band, in their city, made possible by fan support.

Its the video we’ve wanted to make for a long time, fight scenes, lightning storms, and the homies. I’ve been making videos for 10 years now, but I still had to take a couple months in the editing process to learn all the special effects,” explains band founder, Chris Ratzlaff.

The video’s story revisits a constant theme in videos past, where the artist battles the muse/inspiration throughout the creative process.  It also tells the story of a listener who searches for meaning in music, and finally harnesses the power of the song.

Ratzlaff continues, “Sometimes you have to wrestle with a song for months, even years to finally make something of it, and sometimes you have to know when to kill an idea. Some songs you can write in one day and its just as natural as breathing. There’s always a force behind me with music, it can feel like a stadium of fans is behind me cheering, or it can feel like someone is smashing my head against a wall. The creative process is miserable and wonderful, and I just can’t stop.”

Fallstar Color

Check out their album Future Golden Age, available from your
favorite digital music retailer.


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