Review: Ecclesiast – Self-Titled EP

Ecclesiast (St. Charles County, Missouri metalcore) released their debut EP last month on Sancrosanct Records. The band has released a couple lyric videos to accompany the album. Check out “From The Heart” below:


This self-titled EP is a solid first outing for Ecclesiast. Supremely produced, and expertly written, this feels already like a seasoned metalcore band.

When I first came across the lyric video for their barnburner, “High Horse,” I knew this album was something to get excited about.

Musically, “Stand Up” leans the most towards hardcore and lyrically is almost an in-your-face Hatebreed type anthem. When the heaviness breaks open with clean vocals and guitar in “Follow Me,” it reminds me a bit of early Killswitch Engage. Ecclesiast also balances cleans and screams well, delivering all vocal styles impressively.

Ecclesiast is a young band who is passionate about their craft. I look forward to seeing this band grow as I know the songs will only tighter as Ecclesiast continues to carve out their own space in metalcore, and developing their sound.

Eccelsiast’s self-titled EP is a powerhouse of energetic metal – this record is going to make waves in a crowded scene.




  1. Follow Me
  2. Stand Up
  3. From The Heart
  4. The Plea
  5. High Horse



Connect with Ecclesiast:

Sancrosanct Records


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