Giants in the Sound’s Darcy Rumble guests on Forgetting Walls Podcast

My good friends at Forgetting Walls are building a community dedicated to erasing walls, stereotypes, and traditions one blog post and podcast at a time.

Last week I was given the opportunity to join in with Keith and Justin as they recorded their latest episode which was just released today! I get to talk about a few of my favorite things: faith, music, Canada… and myself.

We had a great conversation and I’m super grateful to those guys for letting me jump in and get involved!

Listen to the episode HERE


The FW website includes this description:

We want all people to know the true love and nature of Jesus. So that means we may have to cross a few lines and break a few traditions. That also means that we may have to draw a few lines and work through traditions, no matter what those may be.

So, whether you are a Christian, Atheist, Agnostic, Buddhist, Black, White, Poor, Rich, or whatever label you live under, we realize that we all have doubts and questions. We want to meet somewhere on the fence to start erasing the walls that segregate, the traditions that enslave, and the stereotypes that kill.

Get to know Justin and Keith and why they felt led to start Forgetting Walls:


Get connected with FW on Facebook  – Twitter –  ForgettingWalls.com


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