Distance & Divide announce new album, release “Dark Days” single (ft. Garret Rapp)

Distance & Divide (alt-rock out of Rochelle, IL) recently announced their first full-length album, Searching In The Dark, will be released on July 2nd. The young band (featuring ex-members of Another Hero Dies and Upon This Dawning) formed in early 2015 and have already put out a self-titled EP which they wrote, recorded, and produced all on their own. Distance & Divide is a three-piece made up of Craig Baker, Ben Foltz and Chris Deets.

Of the new album, Craig Baker commented, “This entire album is something we worked very hard on, after releasing an EP earlier this year on our own and getting such positive feedback, it really gave us the drive and desire to create something personal and be completely proud of. Every track has its own story.”


TRACK LISTDistance & Divide album cover

  1. Let It Burn
  2. Searching In The Dark
  3. Heart And Soul
  4. Teething
  5. Dark Days
  6. Ill Will
  7. Monsters
  8. Bodies Not Buried
  9. Codename Home
  10. Anchor
  11. Tying Lose Ends


Earlier this week they released a new single called “Dark Days” which features Garret Rapp from The Color Morale. Check it out:


Keep up with the band:





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