HeartSupport – #UniteTheScene

HeartSupport is an organization founded by Jake Luhrs, frontman of the band August Burns Red, with the vision to create a world where no one in the music scene has to struggle alone.

HeartSupport is an online community of music fans working through their struggles together. They can hear stories of their favorite bands sharing some of their personal stories and struggles, join in on the forums, read helpful blog posts, and ultimately know that they are not alone.

HeartSupport has just launched their #UniteTheScene campaign to raise awareness and to raise funds with the goal of growing the online community as well as partnering with venues to provide hope and support across the country. Please check out the video below to learn more.


The HeartSupport website says they want people to know:

1) You are not alone

2) God is with you and for you

3) You can do this

Some people may take a step back at the mention of God. Though HeartSupport is run by a small staff of Christians and is registered as a Christian organization, it is by no means a “religious” group or an exclusive faith-only community.  Many volunteers with HeartSupport come with varying beliefs, or no faith at all. It is made clear that everyone is welcome “because Christian or not we all go through life’s trenches.” The organization’s directors do believe that ultimate healing is found through faith, but if people in the community don’t come to believe that, “then that doesn’t change our love or view of them.”

Learn more at www.heartsupport.comHS logo

To help this organization spread hope you can donate here
and share the #UniteTheScene video to raise awareness.


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