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Interview: Light The Way

Light The Way is a California pop punk band made up of a guys that are all about “playing shows, having fun, sing-a-longs, heartbreaks, spirituality, and friends.”  Earlier this Summer LTW released Dude, Lame Deluxe Edition, Man, which includes all tracks from their Dude, Lame EP and Grace EP.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Andrew the get the know the band a little more. Check out some of that conversation below:


How long has Light The Way been a band?

We’ve been a band since August of last year, so about 10 months now. Still super new!

What’s the current band line up?

Andrew – vocals & guitar
Evan – bass
Christian – drums
Robert – guitar 

Where did the “pumpkin head” character (I don’t know if he has a name!)  come from?

We just call him “pumpkin head!” He just represents us and our faith. As we go out into the world, our faith, kindness and love should glow and light the way for others. Plus Christian and I (Andrew) really like pumpkins. Dunno why!

Have you always been a big pop punk guy, yourself?

It’s one of my favorite genres, for sure. I also love Punk, Hardcore Punk and Melodic Hardcore a lot.

What are you listening to these days?

I’m listening to a lot of new stuff actually, bands like Creeper, WSTR, Trash Boat, Blood Youth, just to name a few. Ironically they’re all from the U.K. Haha

What does songwriting look like for LTW? Are you the primary lyricist?

I write most everything. I’ve played in bands with friends where I just played guitar & didn’t really do any of the writing (or very little) which is super cool and relaxed. I came to Christian last summer with some of the songs that would be on Grace and we just kind of went from there. Each member adds their own parts/fills on their instruments, but our writing process has been me with my guitar and laptop in my room.

Can you tell me about your favorite song you’ve ever written?

I think “Note to Self” is right there at the top. “Dead Head” is pretty close too. “Note to Self” was a song that I was literally finishing lyrics as I was in the booth doing the vocals for it. Procrastination paid off for once!

What about least favorite song?

There were some acoustic songs I wrote about a girl that dumped me 5-6 years ago. Those songs are awful. Haha, It pains me to think of how bad they were. But hey, writing music and playing in bands for 12 years, you’re gonna write some duds!

What is the best part of Light The Way’s live shows?

The best part is we play pretty much all the songs we have out. So, if someone has a favorite song, we are guaranteed to play it!

How did you guys get connected with Indie Vision Music?

Brandon contacted us a week or so after we released Grace. Christian (our drummer) had known him for awhile. He really liked our music & we’ve been working with him since!

It’s pretty rad that you have the Dude, Lame Deluxe Edition, Man out now. And Hard copies are available? How can we get our hands on one?

They are! Limited to 140 copies, Indie Vision has 80 of em’ and we have 60. You can order them through Indie Vision’s webstore, or snag one at our shows! Only $5!

Any videos or new music or shows in the works right now? 

We just got added to Joshua Fest July 28-30 in Quincy CA. We are planning a music video for “Dead Head,” and will be doing that in July. Also, more details will follow, but later this year, we will be working on a full length! No ETA yet, but most likely sometime this coming winter.

And one random question: If Light the Way was the cast from a television show, which TV show would you guys be?

Seinfeld. No question Haha

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