Sancrosanct Records Signs Georgia Metal Band DIRE

Sancrosanct Records just announced the signing of Georgia heavy metal band DIRE. The band is currently comprised of Joran Messer (vocals/guitar) and Brandon Wade (bass). Their latest release is the fiery full-length album, Volume I, which came out last August.

DIRE formed in late 2010, releasing a self-titled EP in 2013, recorded at EarthSound Studios in Valdosta, GA. They began recording a Volume I in mid-2015, to be released in 2016.

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We’re really stoked to join the Sancrosanct family,” explains Messer, “I started talking to Tyler (of Ecclesiast) on Facebook a few months back and we were talking about music and our bands possibly touring together in the future. After a while, he asked if we were looking for a label and said he could get us in touch with the owner of Sancrosanct Records. I think the next day Brandon and I got to talk on the phone with the owner for an hour or so. He said he really dug the music, and we all felt like we were definitely on the same page as far as our long-term goals. And now here we are. We’re definitely super excited and looking forward to the future. We feel like this is a pretty big step for us.

Check out the lyric video for  “Watch it Burn”

Tyler Cobillas, A&R for the label, commented on the recent signing, “Being allowed to have been given the opportunity to sign a band, such as Dire is nothing short of an absolute honor. Not only does their latest album, “Volume I” display a variety of musicality, but it presents passion and packs a massive punch. These are hard working guys with an intense drive who deliver the word of God in a most aggressive form. You do not want to miss out on them.


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