The Apprehended release new single and video “Can We Just Speak”

The Apprehended is a Beaufort, South Carolina quintet that lives and thrives where technical metal meets post-hardcore and metalcore. They have just released a new video for “Can We Just Speak,” the band’s first single since their 2013 EP Defining Home – which you can check out here.

The Apprehended is a young band to keep your eye on: the music is tight and the vocals are mad impressive. I almost died when I first heard the soaring cleans over the gutturals in the new single.

The “Can We Just Speak” video was directed  by Matt Snow, bassist for The Apprehended, and shot, edited, and co-produced by Josh Bowman.

“This video was my first time directing any sort of video. It was awesome being able to come up with the storyline and settings in my head and then bring them to life on screen for everyone to see. Keeping the video as high energy as we are as a band was a difficult task, but I think we pulled it off in the final product. All of the people we had act in the video are fans of the band and it was a really nice touch being able to bring fans in and have them be a crucial part in something like a music video. We’ve always seen our fans more like family and we always try to connect with them on personal levels because without their support, we would not be doing any of this.” -Matt Snow

Keep up with the band on Facebook, Twitter, and check them out on Bandcamp


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