Review: Pacific Gold – “Sing My Welcome Home”

Pacific Gold, based out of Seattle, WA, is a part o the BadChrisitan Music family. The band applies their innovative sound and style to “repurposing” old or forgotten hymns and spiritual songs by taking the lyrics and writing entirely new music for them.

Their full-length debut Sing My Welcome Home will be released on March 24th. Pre-orders of the album are currently available and, believe me, you will want to hear these songs as soon as possible. Also, up until the release date, Pacific Gold is giving away their self-titled EP for FREE. You can pick that up here.

Their website explains, “We strive to make beautiful and compelling albums for their own sake, our aim being to exemplify the poetry and truth of the lyrics we repurpose.”

“The whole project still is so experimental,” says vocalist and guitarist Dan Koch, “We want people to take this ride with us”. Koch envisioned the band’s style after a realization that old hymns don’t need to be reserved for corporate worship and fit that style, but “had the potential to grow and be re-imagined for today’s audience.”

What’s really rad is that Koch hosts a podcast called “Sing My Welcome Home” where he lets us “behind the curtain” to share some of the songwriting process, some of their studio wizardry, and a bit of the history of each song. You can subscribe to it on iTunes or check it out on the band’s website.


Sing My Welcome Home is a warm psychedelic pop album that (at times folk or indie flavored) carries you in a dream-like state through swirling guitars, catchy melodies, and incredible harmonies. And it would seem this band puts as much creativity and artistry into the recording and studio process as they do with songwriting.

A couple songs may be familiar to you as “Sweet Rivers of Redeeming Love” also appeared on their 2013 EP and if you picked up The LineUp Compilation from BC Music, you will have also heard “Song in the Air.”

“A Day is Coming” opens with a whistling hook, atmospheric rock intro, and with the addition of  gorgeous female vocals, perfectly sets the psychedelic stage.

The songwriting is inventive and diverse throughout. Some tracks are more piano driven, like “Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul,” and the equally stripped down “Spirit of God.” These can be contrasted with “I Will Know Him,” and it’s spacey, modern sound. Also, “Once I Had a Glorious View” opens as a piano-heavy indie song, very sombre, until an unexpected change of pace partway through. It kicks up a notch and turns into something almost like you’d hear from Citizens and Saints. These vocals had me hooked; great harmonies, as we hear all through the record.

“Gone to the Grave” has to be one of my favorite tracks on this album: folky acoustic undertones and distorted guitar slipping in on the chorus. Another favorite is “Song in the Air.” I love the piano and guitar combination drawing me in to its minor, ominous sound. This, to me, is one of the most powerful tracks.

“The Sands of Time” is an upbeat, rockier song than most on the album, but again, with a real 60’s vibe which comes through in the guitar and the dreamy vocals. And you really can’t overlook what’s going on with the bass. John Raines busts out some pretty impressive bass work all over SMWH.

“Shed a Beam of Heavenly Day”  is a chill, but complex song, building in multi-instrumental swirls to a dramatic and satisfying end.

“Sweet Rivers of Redeeming Love,” is a deliciously peppy song will have you instantly singing along.

“Sands of Time (reprise)” comes as a calming close to the album. It is only acoustic finger picked guitar and vocals over water sounds. A simple, brief, but very beautiful song.


Sing My Welcome Home gives the feeling that each multicolored second has been carefully crafted. Pacific Gold finds an unpredictable and exceptional way to give old hymns new breath, matching the poetry and imagery with rich layers and textures, creating a remarkable atmosphere that allows these songs to soar.



  1. A Day Is Coming
  2. Gone to the
  3. I Will Know Him
  4. Song in the Air
  5. Spirit of God
  6. Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul
  7. The Sands of Time
  8. Once I Had a Glorious View
  9. Shed a Beam of Heavenly Day
  10. Sweet Rivers of Redeeming Love
  11. Sands of Time (Reprise)


Twitter: @pacific_gold


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